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Customer Review Feb 26, 2011

Only a small collection of maps…

Version 2.2 – Feb 26, 2011

Not very many states are covered by this app. Georgia isn’t. I forget all of the ones that are, but the list isn’t very extensive… Always worth a try, since it’s free and all, but I personally don’t need it.

We have coverage in 18 states and have recently received many requests for maps in the East such as Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia. We plan on focusing on this area next. What rivers in Georgia would you like to see?

David C.

Customer Review Jan 29, 2011

Northeast – VT, NH, MA
by Troutbummed

Seriously guys….we fish in the Northeast quite a bit…and yes for trout not just stripers. Get it togther. Deerfield River (MA), White River (VT), Dog River (VT), Mad River(VT), CT River – to name a very, very few…..I dowloaded this app as I thought it would be helpful, but useless other than way overfished (Beaverkill) big name water. C’MON! Make it useful for small, hard to find water in the VT, NH and ME — that would be great for the 000’s of us out this way.

Thank you for the feed back and we hear your frustration! There are thousands of trout streams in the USA and the challenge is figuring out which ones to concentrate on first.  Here is how we currently decide:

We receive a constant stream (no pun intended) of requests from users via the “Notify me of new maps” button in the app.  We tabulate these requests and try to focus on the streams that are requested most often.

If you want to influence what trout streams are included, send in your request because user requests ultimately decide the order in which we add maps.

David C.

Customer Review Jan 23 2011

More maps
by Ultimate redneck
Put in maps for Minnesota please

Thanks for the four star rating!  What rivers you would like to see in Minnesota?

David C.

Customer Review Jan 9 2011

Fishing ap
by Cali fishing
4 maps for California??!!?? I can think of 20 places within 2 hours of my house. Glad this was free.

Thanks for the request. We added six new trout streams in California in version 2.3 bringing the total number to 10. Hope this helps and thanks for the feedback! We are doing our best to add maps as fast as possible.

David C.